Do you have a dream that seems so far-fetched and you keep asking yourself “how will it happen”?

If you do then congrats! It probably means you have done what most people wouldn’t dare to do by dreaming big.

But how do you begin to walk towards the fulfillment of that dream? What steps can you take to propel yourself towards the materialization of the pictures of your heart?

There are several of them but in this post, I will like to talk about 2 major ones. Apply these two and you have the foundation of the materialization of your dreams all sorted out.

1) Write the vision down

I know you have probably heard them talk about writing your dreams and its beginning to sound so basic to you. But you know what? It is these basic things that move the needle most of the time.

Your dream lives in the realms of the intangible. It begins by being real to you and you alone. It has no interaction with this world at first. So¬†Putting pen to paper with your dream is like the first official introduction of that dream into the realms of the tangible. It’s the introduction of the dream to this 3-dimensional world

Another good reason to write it down is that the process of writing often requires you to clarify things in a way you don’t necessarily need to when just thinking about that thing.

In the course of doing so, you get to smoothen out rough edges in your mind and get more concrete with your dreams.

2) Speak the vision

Here is another really powerful tip for moving your life towards the desired future. It is one thing to have a goal but it’s another thing to get there. And the surest way to propel yourself from point A to point B is with your mouth.

You see, God has made you the prophet of your own life. He has given you a mouth to direct the course of your life. So when you have written what you aspire for down, you need to start talking about it.

And by talking it, I need you to speak in present terms rather than future terms. So you say “I have a million dollars” rather than “I will get a million dollars”

Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God. (Heb 10:7)

Jesus knew what had been prophesied of Him. He knew what God had said about His life long before He showed up. But He never ceased to talk about it.

People always marveled at how vocal he was concerning the things He knew He came to achieve. As they say, a closed mouth is a closed destiny so you better get your mouth talking now.

So make it a point of duty to write and declare the things you have been assured of and watch as your life moves upward and forward only.

PRAYER: Father I thank you for making me a partaker in the divine nature. Thank you for anointing my tongue to speak forth mysteries and have them established unto me. I declare that I daily walk in the fulfillment of your destiny for me and I move upward and forward only in Jesus name.

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