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About Charles Emmanuel

I am an Online Business Coach and Speaker, the #1 bestselling author of “The Diamond in Your Closet” and a book publishing consultant for Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives and Public Figures.

I trained as a medical doctor and hold a BA in Christian Leadership from the Accelerated School of Christian Ministry International (ASCMI) – Philadelphia, USA.

I am also the Founder/CEO of Income and Impact Academy – a personal income explosion organization designed to help individuals turn their gifts, passion and skills into a viable source of income while making an indelible impact in the world.

Our organization hosted two online events between December 2016 and March 2017 with over 5000 people in attendance from around the world.

My works have been featured on Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC, Digital Journal, Addicted2Success and other international media outlets.

In my more than 15 years of speaking, I have had the privilege of speaking in churches, conferences and seminars all over Ukraine, other parts of Europe and Nigeria.

I have also been invited to the Ukrainian National Parliament to speak on “Effective Strategies for Human Capital Development in Youths.”

Among others, I have had the opportunity to share the stage with people like Steve Harris (One of Nigeria’s finest life and business strategist), Rick Petry (High Performance Coach and a protégée of Jack Carnfied - USA) and Dr Albert S. L. Kitcher (Honorary consular officer of Ghana to Ukraine) to name a few.

I have been happily married to my wife and Angel ‘Layo Charles Emmanuel (a Pastor and Transformational Speaker/Coach), for several years now. We have an adorable daughter named Sophia and we live in Sumy, Ukraine.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, surfing the internet and hanging out with my wife and our daughter.

My Services ...

I offer a variety of services ranging from Online Training Programs to Personal Coaching for intending authors and entrepreneurs, Corporate Consulting and Training Seminars

I have also hosted two online events titled: Zero To Hero Summit and Business Made Easy Summit respectively. Each of these summits are available in my online store.

Among others, my online courses include:

  • Income Explosion Blueprint (for businesses and entrepreneurs),
  • Personal Brand Clinic
  • Passion To Income Mastery
  • Become A Published Author (even if you don't know what to write) ​
  • Write and Speak To Millions Course
  • And several others

What Others Are Saying ...

Derek Schneider

I'm yet to see anyone that dwarfs his impact. 

"Charles is indeed a man on a mission making history in this generation. The spirit of excellence at work in him is undeniable. Having worked with over 300,000 people and still counting, I am yet to see one that dwarfs the impact this great man makes when he teaches.

Charles is one coach I highly recommend for any business looking to turn their online presence into revenue."

He always knows the right questions to get clients thinking

"I met Charles during the “Zero To Hero” Summit in 2016.

As a host, he demonstrated such tact that could only have been a result of his dept in teaching and training others.

He always knows the right questions to ask that gets clients thinking in the right direction and coming up with answers.

Even as a professional speaker myself, listening to him teach is indeed a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t recommend him more highly."

Rick Petry
Mike Adeyemo

Mine oh mine! This guy always knocks it out.

"Mine oh mine! This guy always knocks it out. The “Teach The Teacher” conference couldn’t have been a success without his invaluable training.

Not only were the over 250 teachers and school owners at the conference greatly imparted, I was blown away to visit most of the schools days after and find them using his training videos to train their teachers.

Thanks Charles Emmanuel for over delivering!"

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The diamond in your closet is for you.

In this practical and easy to follow book, #1 bestselling author, international speaker and income explosion strategist – Charles Emmanuel reveals:

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· Simple steps for turning your pains and disappointments in life into gain (income) in less than 60 days.

· A seven step blueprint for turning your gifts, skills, passion, knowledge and experience into profits.

· And so much more …

Having moved from being thrown out of Medical School for his inability to pay his tuition, to being homeless for several months and now heading several profitable business endeavors, Charles Emmanuel has become a leading business and life coach for entrepreneurs and organizations around the world.

He has spent the last 5 years distilling the best research on the subject of monetizing your gifts, passion and knowledge into a ground breaking new “Passion To Income” system.

Get your copy today and start generating income in less than 60 days no kidding!

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