If you make the “good” mistake of understanding what I am about to share with you now, you would have said your final goodbyes to a life of worrying. You would have saved yourself from anxieties once and for all.

Let’s face it, we life often gets to bothersome that we fail to realize when we have gone from being concerned about our affairs to worrying about them. That is when we find ourselves losing our sleep and peace over the things that bother us.

Guess what! That was part of why God sent Jesus into this world! Along with coming to die in our stead so that we can emerge, God also endeavored that everything we would ever need to a good life was in the package.

“He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things” (Rom 8:32)

The apostle Paul tried to engage our rational minds as he asks this all-important questions here. And I think you should think about it for a while too.

[ap_list list_type=”ap-list2″] [ap_li]How can the God who did not spare His own Son but delivered Him up for us, not give us FREELY all things?[/ap_li] [ap_li]Is there anything more demanding for God to do for us than to give up Jesus for us?[/ap_li] [ap_li]If God didn’t bat an eyelid before He sent us Jesus, and we didn’t have to engage some spiritual warfare in prayer and fasting, why is that now important in getting the things of life?[/ap_li] [/ap_list]

Oh don’t get me wrong, there is the place of spiritual warfare and I don’t mean to make light of that but here is the point. Your warfare isn’t necessary sometimes.

Just realizing what God has freely given you and acting like you have it might just be all that is required to walk in them. If God didn’t spare His best because He loves you and doesn’t want you to perish, He certainly won’t keep the goodies of life away from you now.

Start thinking, talking, walking and carrying yourself like a possessor rather than someone in lack trying to beg God t hand him something. The beggarly Christian life is an embarrassment to God.

PRAYER: Precious Father, I thank you for the great love wherewith you have loved me. I thank you for freely giving me all things Christ Jesus to enjoy. I refuse to struggle, be poor and live a beggarly life because I have all that pertains to life and godliness now in Jesus name.

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