Why Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen


Discover the distinguishing factor between the called and the chosen in this classic by Pastor Charles

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Discover And Fulfill God’s Calling On Your Life.

Do you sense God calling you to carry out a task or assignment for Him? Are you discouraged and stuck in the pursuit of your life’s assignment? Do you feel lost and overwhelmed, not knowing where to start from or how to go about fulfilling this mandate?

Having been in the ministry for over two decades and raising several believers to find and pursue their calling in Christ, I have come to learn the differences between those who excel in their life’s assignment and those who don’t.

Jesus once made a very disturbing statement when He said “many are called but few are chosen” In other words, even though the call of God is free and unmerited, many of the called just end up at being numbered among the called without stepping up into the class of the chosen!

So in this book, I endeavored to point out details including “how to identify the call of God upon your life”, “what the call is and what it is not”, “why the fact that you feel unqualified and unworthy is actually a good thing”, “what separates the called from the chosen” (this is the key to fulfilling your calling), “how to make the most of your calling” and so much more.

Do you want to finally figure out your calling and discover practical, scripture-based and battle-tested tips for living a life that truly fulfills its purpose? “Why Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen” is an easy to understand book that you’ll love.

Get this book today if you want to go from “trying to figure out what God might be calling you to do” to “fulfill your assignment.”


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