One of the true marks of being born again is the desire to want to please God. You will just find that you want to do right by Him and please Him at all times. This does not mean you won’t make mistakes but at least, the desire is there…

But how do you know the will of God concerning a matter? How do you know whether or not it is God’s will for you to take up a job, marry a person or embark on a trip? Thankfully, God didn’t leave us in the dark concerning this as Rom 12:2  clearly states:

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” (Rom 12:2)

First, he says not to allow yourself to become conformed to or fashioned after the pattern of this world. Don’t copy them or aspire to be like them. Rather he says to be transformed, metamorphosed or change in state by the renewing of your mind.

So whereas being born again results in the supernatural rebirth of your spirit, your mind doesn’t get changed instantaneously too. That is why it can still think the same thoughts it used to think about before you got born again. As such, now that you are a child of God, it is up to you to renew your mind.

This happens as a gradual process as you begin to feed your mind with new materials (the word of God). The more of God’s word you study and meditate upon, the more your mind is renewed.

Now, the aftermath of a renewed mind is that you are able to tell what is that good, perfect and acceptable will of God! Without necessarily needing a prophet, deep down in your heart, you will just know what the will of God is concerning your life.

But the main point I wanted to draw here is the fact that there are 3 dimensions of God’s will as revealed in this scripture. There is the “good will”, “acceptable will” and “perfect will” of God.

The “good” will of God refers to God’s general will for mankind. It talks about the good plans God has for everyone born into this world. The acceptable will, on the other hand, refers to what God can permit you to do by His grace though it is not His specific plan for you. And lastly, the perfect will of God is God’s specific agenda for you as an individual.

Understanding these different dimensions of God’s will for you will not only help you live a mistake-free life but will ensure you are walking in His perfect will for your life at all times.

Beginning tomorrow, I will be sharing how to identify these different wills and how to walk in them.

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