Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough faith for what you are expecting or hoping for? Maybe your dreams are just so big and you can’t seem to wrap your faith around them. Don’t worry, you are in safe company.

Actually, it’s a good thing to have expectations too big for your faith right now. It shows you are dreaming really big and guess what? That is what it takes to get God involved with your project. Some dreams are just too small to include Him!

God already gave us 66 bags full of over 31,000 faith building seeds in the bible. The more you study the word of God, the more faith is stirred up in your spirit to accomplish the impossible.

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” ROM 10:17

Look at it this way … Imagine that you kept reading of how the red sea was parted and the Israelites walked on dry land, how the walls of Jericho fell down flat, how the economy of Samaria was changed in just 24 hours and so much more. Do you know what would happen to you?

Ever iota of fear and the feeling of impossibility will begin to lose their hold over your life and you increasingly become confident in the possibility of the realization of your dreams. You will soon start to say to yourself and others, “If God can part the red sea, He can help me become or achieve XYZ”

PRAYER: Precious Father I thank you for giving me your word to train me in righteousness. As I study and see the wonders of your majesty, my faith is stirred to experience the manifestation of your power and might in my life. I open up myself to receive information that you have designed for me for now and I see my life move upward only in Jesus name.

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