Okay, let’s get the foundation right here. I am assuming that when you got born again, you had your first degree – a BA (born again) in the kingdom of God. And I will like to congratulate you on that.

But if you must tell yourself the truth, you know that while the fact that you are born again gives you the right and access to all God has for you, most believers struggle to lack claims on their possession in Christ.

The reason for this struggle is the fact that many of them haven’t learnt to develop themselves in the things of God. And that is what I want to show you today.

Those who have learnt to dominate over life and it’s challenges often have one major lesson locked down. They understand the power of words and most importantly, the power of the word of God. Then they take advantage of that knowledge and are very careful how they use their words.

“For in many things we offend all. If any man offends not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body.” (James 3:2)

The true test and measure of your maturity in the things of God is in how you use your mouth and what you say. I am not talking about all the holy things you say by default when you are in church or among other believers.

What do you say when the heat of life is on you? When your bank accounts are in deep red and the bills stir you in the face, what do you say?

You see, this isn’t about positive confession at all (as great as that can be too). This is about spending time with the word of God enough to trust His ability above the daunting realities of your life. This is about becoming more conscious of God’s healing ability than the intensity of the disease or condition. It is about being more aware of God’s supply than your bank account statement.

So while you run around trying to fix life’s issues in the natural, never fail to pay God’s word attention enough for it to become your default response mechanism. This is what separates the believers who have a Masters in situation and circumstances from those who are only BA holders.

Stop talking about your fears and the reality of the fact on the ground. Start talking the word and see God supernaturally turn things around for your good.

I pray for you that this day and beyond, you will find God’s word coming to pass in that area of life where you desperately need a change. May the Spirit of God help you to maintain your focus on the right things as you walk through life victoriously in Jesus name.

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