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I WILL COACH YOU to fuLFILL Your purpose.

Hi, I'm Charles Emmanuel, a life coach and business strategist. I'm here to equip YOU with the skills, tips and strategies YOU need to become all that God wants you to be.

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Meet Charles Emmanuel

Success Acceleration Strategist

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home where I was exposed to the gospel of Christ quite early. But from my youth, I was always astonished by the great disparity between what the bible says about the believer and what most of us actually experience in our lives.

If you are struggling with connecting the dots between what you read in your bible and what you actually experience daily, your prayers have been answered because that is my specialty!

After over a decade of being in the ministry serving as the senior pastor of Divine Life Ministries, I helped thousands of people discover and apply the steps to turn scriptural and spiritual realities into the daily experience.

You know God has got a unique plan and purpose for your life. My mission is to challenge, equip and empower you make steady progress in the discovery, pursuit and fulfillment that divine mandate irrespective of what life brings your way.

Success Acceleration Strategist

Founder: Divine Life Ministries Int'l

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What others are saying

When a man is full of value it over flows naturally...

Such was the case when I first met Mr Charles. We met on social media by chance just few days to my book launch and he didn't hold back all he knew.

He seems to have a thing for passion and talented folks and when he sees one he does not hold back. He practically gave me free coaching worth more than N100k in few days to my book launch and I couldn't be any less grateful that our paths crossed.

A few minutes discussion and I know he knows his onion when it comes to book /brand or business marketing and sales /results funnels that works.

Grateful I met him.


Visioneer @ Mangrove360

As a serial author who has written 9 books, I'm always in a learning mode, seeking better ways to improve my craft, especially the business side of it.

I blessed the day I came across Charles Emmanuel in a Facebook group. I commented on his post, established rapport and got chatting.

Then I experienced an epiphany during the 15-minute chat we had.

From sharing with me about distilling my book into corollaries to knowing how to set their pricing points, those marketing strategies further underscored the point that truly becoming legendary and rich as an author depends on knowing the right steps.

Charles Emmanuel has the mojo. He's got the wand. Pay heed to his words. Scratch that. Hire him to work with you today if you're an aspiring or established author.

Emeka Nobis

Thought Leadership Consultant

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