Happy New Month and welcome to the month of Divine Direction in our year of Newness. I trust the first month of the year was a great one for you and you are all prepped to make giant strides this month.

As I prayed and talked to the Lord about February, He impressed upon my heart the importance of something He calls “The Place Called There”

Reading in verses 4 of 1st Kings 17, we see the expression “there” used in a very unique way.

“And it shall be, that thou shalt drink of the brook; and I have commanded the ravens to feed thee there.” (1 Kings 17:4)

The prophet Elijah had declared that there shall be no rain except by his word. And immediately, God reaches out to him and tells him to leave his location and move over to the brook Cherith located before Jordan.

God’s instruction to him was that he shall henceforth be drinking from the brook and a raven had been commanded to feed him “there” too.

Few things I will like you to note here are:

The fact that there was a famine in the land didn’t mean that God’s man (Elijah) should suffer together with everyone else. Even though he had been instrumental in causing the famine, God quickly made provisions for His own.

I pray for you, that in this month of February, you will not suffer what everyone else suffers. You will not be a victim of the same circumstance that the rest of the world are victims of in Jesus name.

Also, it is important to note how specific God was in describing the particular brook Elijah should go to. I am sure there were several brooks in the land at the time but God specified the one he should go to for a reason.

In fact, God had also given a raven bird command to bring Elijah food in the morning and evening! It is also interesting to note that the raven bird is known to be a very selfish kind of bird that hardly takes care of its own kids. And of all birds out there, God chooses this selfish one to be the supplier of His man’s food.

Doesn’t that tell you something? That should mean something to you, dear.

I pray for you …

That in this month and beyond, God will cause favor to come to you from uncommon and unexpected sources in Jesus name. Even those who ordinarily wouldn’t want to help you will find that they are compelled to help you because God has so designed it for your good.

So note that the bird had instructions to take the food to a specific place. Now, imagine that for some reason, Elijah stayed back in Gilead. He would have suffered the fate with everyone else and may have thought that was the best God had to offer. Meanwhile, God had made provisions for breakfast and supper in a place called “there”.

Just maybe the reason for your struggles is the fact that you are in the wrong place in your life. Just maybe the challenges you have been facing have been because you aren’t in the place called “there” for your destiny.

Maybe, it’s the wrong job, city, business, association or even the wrong dreams that have been keeping you from maximizing your potentials in Christ all these while.

I pray that in this month of Divine Direction, God will cause you to discover and walk in the place He has prescribed for you in Jesus name.

Make no mistakes about it dear, if you understand the word of God and walk in it, you will do well anywhere and anytime. But if you want to walk in the fullness of what God truly has for you, then you have to locate yourself in the place called “there”.

You have to make a conscious effort to see to it that you are always functioning in God’s perfect will and purpose for your life. Nothing less …

Tomorrow, I will show you another part of the place called there and thereafter, we will look at the 3 dimensions of the will of God and how to walk in them.

May this month be for you the month that you finally locate what God wants you to do in Jesus name.

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