The Diamond In Your Closet BUNDLE 

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If you are interested  in turning your gifts, skills, passion, knowledge and experience into a source of income, then this is IT! 

If you would like to turn your gifts, skills, passion, knowledge, or experience into a mega business, impact the lives of thousands (or even millions) of people and make a fortune while doing so, make sure you read this piece to the very end!

You probably registered for the challenge because you realize that you have gifts, skills, passions, knowledge and experiences that you want to turn into profits.

That is the reason why you are absolutely going to love "The Diamond In Your Closet."

Whether your goal is to:

  • Quit your job,
  • Be your own boss,
  • Forever lose your membership in the job-seekers association,
  • Spend more time with your family and loved once,
  • Do what truly satisfies your soul,
  • Create multiple streams of income or
  • Finally become financially free,

The Diamond In Your Closet is your best bet. It is your road-map and tour guide on this journey.

You can absolutely reach those goals once you go through the details revealed in this book and implement them.

This Is For You If You Are A...

  • college student looking for something to do to take care of academic bills (tuition, rent, books, feeding and all)
  • “fresh out of college” graduate looking for a way to generate a steady stream of income while chasing your dream job?
  • corporate worker who is beginning to think of building his own business rather than building other people’s business all his life,
  • pastor or church worker wanting to earn a decent living for the message that you share
  • corporate executive with a body of experience and wisdom you want to share with the world.
  • an individual passionate about running your own business doing what you love

Whichever category you belong to, "The Diamond In Your Closet" is right for you


About The Book

In this practical and easy to follow book, #1 bestselling author, international speaker and passion monetization strategist – Charles Emmanuel reveals:

  • 5 income generating opportunities anybody can tap into today
  • The secret of getting paid to do what you love and enjoy doing
  • How to get your share of the opportunity in a $62 billion industry that is guaranteed to double in just a few years.
  • Simple steps for turning your pains and disappointments in life into gain (income) in less than 60 days.
  • A seven step blueprint for turning your gifts, skills, passion, knowledge and experience into profits.
  • And so much more …

If you love practical, easy to follow, action packed books, you are going to love this one.

Here's What You Are Getting ...

Because you are enrolled for the Passion To Profit Challenge, I am not just giving you The Diamond In Your Closet eBook. I am adding all 15 complementary tutorials, the walk along workbook and a FREE ticket to my extra online training called "The Diamond In Your Closet Workshop"

In details, here is what you get. 

  1. The Diamond In Your Closet eBook 
  2. The Diamond In Your Closet Workbook
  3. The Diamond In Your Closet FREE Companion Course: 

This is some additional training where I show you:


  • How to help others and grow rich doing so.
  • Common mistakes people make when finding their gifts and how you can avoid it.
  • How to easily discover a skill you can market to the world.
  • How to easily turn your skill into a business.
  • The staggering digital market industry opportunity.
  • How to get your share of the $62 billion digital publishing industry.
  • How to find your marketable knowledge.
  • Proven strategies to find your passion.
  • How to turn your pain into gain.

And lots more ...


3. The Diamond In Your Closet Workshop Recording:

During the workshop, I outline 2 other diamonds in your closet (not included in my bestselling book). Then I lay down the strategies for turning these into a profitable business. 

I even help you identify the FASTEST way to go about monetizing these gifts, skills, passions, knowledge and experiences in under 60 days. 

What Others Are Saying

Since its release in late 2016, thousands of people have used the information in "The Diamond In Your Closet" as their road-map to achieve financial stability. 

Readers have taken the information they got from the book and written books, started businesses out of their passion, become highly paid experts, booked speaking gigs locally and internationally, shared their message and passion with a vast variety of eager people and even started vibrant coaching practices. 

Here are some of what people had to say: 

After reading The Diamond In Your Closet, I discovered that I was not a failure and a non entity like I had thought. I knew I had something to offer to my world and that it was valuable enough for me to get paid for it. 

I quickly reached out to coach Charles Emmanuel and with his assistance, I have started out a speaking career sharing my experience and pain with young women around the world. 

Elizabeth Ali

Sisters Connect



"I'm really grateful I get this opportunity to talk about this amazing book"

This is the BEST book you will ever read on this topic. From the very first few pages, I felt like the words grabbed hold of me and began to shake something loose within me. I had been struggling with a very difficult decision concerning my career choice. I was at a crossroads but as I read along, I felt as though a veil over my eyes had been lifted and I found clarity as to what direction I should take.

Charles explains things so simply that as you read, your mind will already begin to come up with a ton of ideas on how to make cool cash from what you love doing that you will begin to wonder "what have I been waiting for?"

When you read this book, you will be tempted to stop reading and start on your idea already (Yes, you will be, trust me, I know). Don't. Write your ideas down and continue reading it from the first chapter to the next and the next, till you get to the last chapter of the book in which Charles gives a simple step by step plan for monetizing your passion

If someone told you that to become wildly successful while living a fulfilling life, all you had to do was follow the advice in a small 128-page book, would you do it? Of course you would. Well, I just did.

Get this book! It will change your life, just as it has mine.

Grateful for this book and already chasing my passion.

Dr. Tomi Joshua,

(Founder/ CEO)    

Ginjah Blog

Who would have thought that there was money to be made from juggling balls? It was just something I did for fun without realizing that I could be paid for it. Since working with Charles Emmanuel, I have taken the same skill I have used for FREE all these years and built a business. 

The most interesting part for me is that I am able to put a smile on the faces of artistic kids while making a decent income as well. Indeed, Charles is all about income and impact. 

Jakes Hokey



Soooooooo blessed by that book ... What an insight! Ooo my God. You blew my mind. So simple but deep. You are a good writer. 

You really open my eyes to some area of making extra source of income. Pastor Charles, reading through that book I discover one strong area of experience I have and I know can be making extra income.

I could not let go or drop the book. Pls write more books. I sense a unique grace on your writing. I read a lot and just like the way you write, the arrangement and expression of your thoughts. I read this book and I concluded nobody I mean nobody should complain of no work or no money

Pastor Akintayo A

Senior Pastor, 

High Places Christian Center.


​Your Investment

Here is the value of what you are getting today:

The Diamond In Your Closet eBook (N3,500)

The Diamond In Your Closet Workbook (N1,500)

The Diamond In Your Closet Companion Course (N11,250)

The Diamond In Your Closet Workshop (7,500)

Total Value: N23,750

But you are not investing N23,750 today. 

I thought of giving it to you for a whooping 50% discount which brings it to N11,875 only. But then, I decided to do something even more awesome. "why not make it a round figure" I thought. 

So for N10,000, I believe it would be a no-brainer to have the BUNDLE today.

But for FAST ACTION takers who make the investment within the next 48 hours, you get it all for ONLY N5,000!

Of course, you may want to wait till after the 48 hours to get it for N10,000 or but the moment the challenge is over, the price goes back to N23,750

So what is it going to be? Would you take action today or tomorrow and save N18,750 or wait till the day after tomorrow and save N13750 (which isn't a bad deal after all.) Or would you rather PAY IN FULL for N23,750 any day after the challenge?

To Get The Bundle Today, Pay Into:

​GT Bank

Account Name: Ugeh Charles Uche

​Account Number: 0246374230



Account Name: Ugeh Charles Uche

Account Number: 2096230680

Scan you deposit slip or transfer success page and send to or on Facebook and I will send you access details within 24 hours.

​About The Author

Having moved from being thrown out of Medical School for his inability to pay his tuition, to being homeless for several months and now heading several profitable business endeavors, Charles Emmanuel has become a leading business and life coach for pastors, entrepreneurs and corporate executives around the world.

He has spent the last 5 years distilling the best research on the subject of monetizing your gifts, passion and knowledge into a ground breaking new “Passion To Income” system.

Get your copy today and start generating income in less than 60 days no kidding!

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