Breath Fresh Fire On Your staff, Leadership & congregation.

Whether you want to train your staff team, inspire your leaders or help your congregation rediscover the passion for souls or live the victorious, purpose-driven Christian life, I am your man.

As a Pastor and an event host for more than a decade, I have realized that the success of a program comes down to the quality of the speakers we have lined up.

If they brought forth the word with clarity, simplicity and yet with the demonstration of the presence and power of God, we had a great event. If they didn’t, well … we had a not-so-great event.

So, I found myself spending hours researching speakers, to make sure we had just the right fit for our congregation.

My hope is that this page will make it easy for you to get the information you need to make the best decision possible.

What you can expect

Here’s what you can expect from me and my team:

  1. Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  2. A personal phone consultation with me prior to your event, so I can better understand how I can best serve you and your congregation.
  3. An announcement about your event on my blog and social media channels. (This assumes that your event is open to the public and you want additional visibility for it.)
  4. A thoroughly prepared, dynamically delivered message focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.
  5. A custom resource page, exclusively created for your attendees. It will include the slides I used during the ministration, along with links to books, articles, and other resources I believe will be helpful.
  6. A quick follow-up communication after the event with someone on my team, to make sure I met your expectations. (I also want to know how you think I can improve.)

A little bit about me

I am Pastor Charles Emmanuel, President/Founder of Divine Life Ministries Int'l with headquarters in Kiev, Ukraine where I live with my family.

I am also a life and business strategist, a #1 bestselling author and publishing consultant for Pastors, Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives.

Though trained as a medical doctor, I hold a BA in Christian Ministry from the Accelerated School of Christian Ministry International (ASCMI) Philadelphia, USA. I also hold a Ministers' Ordination License from The Church Triumphant Inc. Philadelphia.

In more than 12 years of being a pastor and speaking internationally, I have had the privilege of speaking in churches, conferences, and seminars all over Ukraine, other parts of Europe and Nigeria.

I have also been invited to the Ukrainian National Parliament to speak on “Effective Strategies for Human Capital Development in Youths.”

I am happily married to my love and Queen, Pastor Layo Charles Emmanuel - an anointed minister of the gospel with an incredible healing ministry. We are blessed with a princess named Sophia and we live in Kiev, Ukraine.

Why I Will Be A Great Fit For Your Congregation

If you are looking for a preacher anointed to share the word of God in a way that stirs people to take action and produce results, then that is me.

Depending on what the Spirit of God is leading you to do, I strongly believe I will be a great fit for your congregation for two main reasons.

One: My Wealth Of Experience Walking With The Lord For More Than Two Decades.

I pioneered Divine Life Ministries in Lugansk Ukraine few months after I arrived the city to study Medicine and Surgery.

It was a school with more than 60 nations present and at the time, very few blacks. So being a believer in the ministry philosophy of conversion growth rather than transfer growth, I started with 4 people and began to reach out to ONLY unbelievers (Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikh and Atheists) in the land.

Ten years after, that work has emerged into an international ministry with a tangible presence in three continents of the world.

So far, our commission has raised 22 pastors in our ministry with 4 of them pioneering ministries in India, Ghana, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Over the years, our ministry has organized several crusades, seminars, and programs with thousands of people in attendance. Some of our most common periodic events are:

  • Believers In Ministry Conference
  • Christ-In-You Conference
  • Ministry Publishers Conference
  • Soul Winners' Seminar
  • Young And Influential Conference

My works have been featured on Fox News, The Sun, ABC, CBS, NBC, Digital Journal, Radio Nigeria, Addicted2Success and other international media outlets.

For more than 7 years, I have been helping ministries develop strategies, systems and action plan to drive them towards the actualization of their goals and objective. I also assist in training leaders and staff members who carry a burning passion for the fulfillment of the corporate mandate of the assembly.

Pastors often get me on board to help them stir up their teams, leadership, and members to rekindle their passion for the great commission and reach out to the communities in ways that are super effective in this 21st century.

I have authored several books, training programs and ministry curricular. Some of my bestselling books include:

  • Passion For Souls: Effective Soul Winning For The 21st Century
  • Preparing For The Future: An Insight Into Building A Great Future
  • Reigning In Life
  • The Emergence of Champions: Revealing The Champion In You
  • The Man In Christ: An Insight Into New Creation Realities
  • The Mission, The Message, And The Messenger
  • Why Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen: The Distinguishing Factor
  • And several others.

Two: I Am Not A Motivational Speaker.

While motivational speaking has its place, I believe that it is the Spirit of the Word that truly changes lives.

My ministrations are always characterized by the teaching of the word and the manifestation of the presence and power of God.

So if you are looking for a minister who has the word that is consistently being confirmed by the Lord, I will be honored to be your guest.

See clips of my ministrations below.

My Ministration clip

my recent engagements

In my short stay in Nigeria, some of my most recent ministry engagements include:

  • Ministers' Workshop With Pastors-In-Charge Of Zones And Areas @ RCCG Ondo Province 5
  • Building Business Empires @ Holyghost Christian Center (Abuja)
  • Leaders' & Workers' Training @ Livingspring Chapel (Abuja)
  • How To Discover And Fulfill Your Purpose @ Redeemed Christian Church (Lilly of the Valleys Parish - Lagos Province 4)
  • Divine Direction Training With The Youths @ Holyghost Christian Center (Abuja)
  • Finance Summit @ Doxa City International (Ilorin)

My most requested topics

I will customize my message/presentation (depending on your preferred setting) to meet your congregation’s specific needs. My goal is always to facilitate the outcomes you want to create. 

My most requested topics are listed below. Please keep in mind that I can deliver these as a church service message, a seminar or break out session, a workshop or even an online webinar!

However, I will like to stress that this is not in any way an exhaustive list. So in case you are looking for something outside of the list below, feel free to contact me directly and lets discuss your needs.

I have spoken and ministered on a wide range of topics and subjects over the years. So, it is likely that I might be able to work up something unique for you. 

How To Discover And Fulfill Your Purpose In Christ (14 Practical Steps To Know Your Reason For Being And Live It Out Moving Forward)

  • Do you want to raise a congregation of people who are actively living in God's divine assignment for their lives? Then this is the training for your people.
  • During this program, I help attendees discover that they are here for a specific reason and then take them through exercises to discover that purpose.
  • Then I show them practical steps they can begin to take in other to consistently make progress towards the fulfillment of their unique assignment daily.
  • Most importantly, I help members discover how to begin fulfilling their destinies by taking their roles in the church where God has planted them to serve.
  • This is often requested for as a youth training but in my experience, this is very relevant to the general congregation as well.

Passion For Souls (Effective Strategies For Soul Winning In The 21st Century)

  • If you are looking to stir up the fire for soul winning and evangelism in your congregation, this is ideal for you.
  • During this training session(s), I help attendees rediscover the importance and urgency of the Great Commission and re-position themselves to carry it out effectively.
  • I help simplify this awesome responsibility every believer has received from God and show them practical ways to carry it out in this 21st century.
  • I unveil some of the strategies that I have used to raise a multi-location ministry in Europe through conversion growth with more than 90% of my members being former Buddhists, Indus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Atheists.
  • I do a session for staff members, another for leaders and then a general congregation session.

Building Business Empires (How To Torn Your Gifts, Skills, Knowledge, Passion & Experience Into A Profitable Business)

  • This is appropriate where you are looking to help church members create other sources of revenue for themselves.
  • I show attendees how that every one of us has something of value that we can actually turn into a solution to a problem and get paid for it.
  • I delve into the various strategies for discovering the unique solution they can provide to their communities.
  • We even look into the details of the 5-step process for turning any passion to a source of income in as little as 60 days.

Preparing For The Future: An Insight Into Building A Great Future For Your Family, Ministry And Finance

  • Do you want to help your staff, leaders or entire congregation lead a balanced life? This is the training to go for.
  • Over the years, I have discovered that three areas where believers need to be on top of their game are finances and marriage. However, most people go for these at the expense of their spiritual development. Hence, I created this training program.
  • During the training, I help members rediscover their priorities in life through the eye of God's word. (family, ministry and finances/work)
  • I show them a kingdom model for developing and growing in all three areas of life in a way that ensures that success in one area never comes at the expense of other areas.

Single And Complete (How To Maximize Your Singleness and Prepare For An Amazing Marriage)

  • Whether you have an active singles' ministry or not, this training program is ideal for you if your congregation is made up of at least 30% singles.
  • We delve deeply into the concept of marriage according to the word of God, roles of the partners in marriage, how to prepare for marriage, steps to identify the right partner so you never marry wrong and so much more.
  • A major benefit of this training is that we do not only show your singles how to maximize their singleness, we relate it to their walk with God in a way that makes them more involved with the work of the ministry than ever.

The Mission, The Message, And The Messenger (A Training On Effective Ministry)

  • If you are a multi-center, a multi-location church or one with several pastors and coordinators who are responsible for other aspects of the ministry, this training would be of utmost value to you.
  • During the training, I help your associates understand the concept of ministry as being much more than Sunday worship service and all that. I show other forms and aspects of ministry that helps them see and relate to the idea of being in ministry on a much deeper level.
  • I expound on the idea of "the mission", the role of the message in actualizing the mission and how they (messengers) must conduct themselves for maximum impact in the mission.
  • I often work very closely with the Senior Pastor / Sent Man of the house to understand the mandate of the assembly and make every detail custom made for their ministry.

Why Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen: The Distinguishing Factor

  • This is by far one of my most requested topics. It is perfect for a leaders refresher course or a leadership training program.
  • I expound on the principle of the call from the general calling upon all believers to the calling into a position of leadership and then the call into ministry
  • Then looking through scriptural and contemporary examples, we identify the various reasons why people who have done exceptionally well have done so and why those who missed it did as well.
  • I even help attendees develop a working plan of action on how they intend to improve their service and work in their ministry moving forward.

Whatever your needs are, we can always talk them over and create s solution that is custom made for you and your congregation.

Remember that each of these topics can be delivered as a single Sunday service message, an intensive full/half day training or a multi-day training program depending on your goals.

What others are saying

In the past couple of years, I have worked with several pastors and ministries to actualize God's dream for their staff, leadership and general assembly. 

Here is what some of them have to say about having me on board.

Pastor Charles is indeed a man on a mission making history in this generation. The spirit of excellence at work in him is undeniable. 

Having worked with over 300,000 people and still counting, I am yet to see one that dwarfs the impact this great man of God makes when he shares.

Charles is a down to earth, humorous and transformational speaker.

Pastor Derek Schneider

Church Without Walls


Pastor Charles is not only an anointed teacher and preacher of the word; he is equally gifted and skilled in the delivery of the word. The simplicity and authenticity of his teaching make him a highly sought-after teacher all over the world.

And like I often tell him, there is no stage in the world that he can’t deliver excellently on! From church meetings to conferences and seminars, he always has this wow effect on his audience and participants. 

Rev (Dr.) Albert S. Kitcher

World Transformation Center,

Kiev, Ukraine

Pastor Charles is a great teacher not just a preacher. His teachings are always practical, rooted in the word of God and full of revelations!

He has been with is twice now and we can’t wait to have him again in our midst. 

Pastor (Dr.) Ayo Oyategbe

Holyghost Christian Center,


Pastor Charles is a very experienced teacher and expositor of the word. We had him for our workers workshop and couldn’t keep him from the general congregation! 

We had to bring him back again to share with the entire congregation and till date, testimonies are still coming in.

Pastor Favor Onyekachi

Livingspring Chapel


The next step

To start a conversation about your organization's needs or see my availability for your event, you can contact us with the details below.

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I look forward to working with you and your congregation to actualize the Lord's plans for you this season.

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