If you are a pastor or minister who is concerned about reaching people with the message God has committed to you, this might be the most important article you will read in while. Yes, I understand that is a bold claim to make but I intend to stand by it through this post.

Here are five reasons I believe every minister should write and publish a book this year.

1. Stop Trading Your Time:

As a minister, I believe that your time is your most precious resource and you want to make the most of it. So if you have invested the time to wait on the Lord and receive a message for his people, it should not just be preached and forgotten.

Having that message in multiple formats (including eBook, Paperback and Audiobook) is definitely the way to ensure that the message doesn’t end the moment the service ends. Moreover, the benefit of having people who may NEVER be in service with you read the same message is something you cannot quantify.

Imagine having that this message you earnestly want the world to hear is available for people to access on any device today from anywhere. Imagine that anyone with the click of a few buttons from any part of the world can have access to your message in print without having to visit Nigeria or any country where you originally preached it!

This is one of the reasons you need to have that message in a book this year.

2. It’s An Outreach Tool

For every individual that comes to your church today, there are probably a couple thousand out there who also need your message but aren’t in the fold yet.

One of the easiest ways to reach them today is through a book that tackles a need that they identify with and in turn, brings them to Christ.

In my experience as a publishing coach and consultant for pastors and busy executives, I have seen as much as 45% of book buyers reaching out to authors (pastors) for more help during or after reading a book! These are people that may never have come in contact with the author except through that book.

To put that in perspective, 5 years ago, I translated one of my books “The Day That Changed Everything” (where I told the stories of individuals whose lives changed for the better when they met Jesus) into the Russian Language. Now it has become my major means of contact with the Russian community; reaching thousands of them with an average of 300 of them getting saved each month!

I personally know individuals and families that have become ardent followers of certain pastors and ministries today who only got to know about them by reading one of their books.



Imagine for a moment that for every 100 people that read your book, 30 of them whom you never met before become born again! This can be your reality when you write and publish your book this year.

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3. Preserve God’s Revelation To You Beyond Your Generation.

During one of my masterclass training a while back, I asked the room of about 50 ministers who were between the ages of 30-42 if they have ever read a book by John G. Lake, Kathryn Kuhlman, Smith Wigglesworth, A. A. Allen, Jack Coe or Charles Finney.

More than 40 of them had read a book by at least one of them in their lifetime, but truth be told, none of them was alive or aware of their calling while these ministers were alive. In fact, the authors may never have known that what they were writing would be read by people decades after they have gone but that has become the reality now.

While your messages can be stores on Hard Drives, CDs, VCDs, DVDs and all, these storage formats have lesser durability than books do today. I mean a CD can crack and that is it. A DVD can break and that ends the content on it. But books are way more durable.

So decades from now when CDs and co would have been old fashion, books will still be around. As as a matter of fact, it is noteworthy that with all that change going on in the audiovisual industry over the years, the eBook and audiobook industries have been booming!

It could be your book containing that message you desperately want the world to hear spreading decades from now if Jesus tarries.

4. Leverage On Technology To Make A Difference Passively.

I remember a financial instructor once said that if all the income you generate is directly linked to your exertion and efforts, you cannot be wealthy!

He was alluding to the power of passive income where you earn over and over again from work you did once or some time back. This is equally very true for ministers of the gospel today.

With the enormous responsibility of ministry, family and other priorities in our lives, there is no better time than now to write and publish books that preach even while you sleep or take a much-deserved vacation!

Let’s face it, you can only be in one place at one time. Even with recent live-streaming facilities, you can only minister to so much at the same time. But what a difference it will make to know that while you are ministering to your congregation in one city, your books are being downloaded in several cities and countries of the world without any extra work your part.

That’s what I call global impact! And it begins with having one book out there.



5. You Can Better Teach And Train Your Congregation.

Have you ever had that feeling when you have so much to share with the church but you just have to cut it short because of time? Maybe because there is another service billed to start at a particular time or you just want to respect the time of your congregants, so you just have to cut it short somehow.

With a book, you never have to feel that way again. You just give your best in the time available during the service and have the rest written in your book.

This is also an effective way to train your members in the doctrines of the commission as they develop a healthy reading habit.

For pioneers and ministers charged with the responsibility of raising others in the ministry, imagine having an entire leadership training manual developed into a book that your prospective leaders can consume at their convenience. Or one that can become the training material to be used during leadership training sessions.

Imagine the new believers’ class turned into a book that new believers can study to help strengthen their faith. That’s a win-win situation for you and the entire church as it makes discipleship easy, simplifies the work of those following new converts up and multiplies your assimilation rate!

All these and more a book can make happen for you even this year.

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But Writing Is Hard And Takes Time …

If you read this and feel like you like the idea but can’t imagine yourself finding the time to sit down and write a proper book I get you. If you feel you don’t have the expertise to do it properly, I understand your position as well.

Asides from being a 5-time bestselling author and author of more than 60 books, I run a publishing outfit that helps pastors and ministers get their messages published in 30 days or less. The best part is, we can have you up and running without you lifting a finger! Just give us 60-90 minutes of your time, sit back and relax while my team and I get to work.

Obviously, we can’t do this for everyone but you can send me an email (charles@uchecharlesemmanuel.com) so we can schedule a time to speak. If we are a match, we will get straight to work and have your book ready in just weeks from now.




Which of these 5 reasons above resonates with you the most? Which do you feel is enough to make you want to write and publish a book?

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