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Whether your goal is to discover your unique purpose, make progress in the calling you have discovered or publish the message God has given you to the ends of the earth, I have something for you. 

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What Others Are Saying

Pastor Success


I traveled to Eastern Europe to study in 2003 but little did I know it was going to be more than education for me. 

Meeting and relating with the Pastor Charles led Divine Life Ministries led to my conversion from Buddhism to Christianity. Today, I have taken the light of the glorious gospel back to my country.

Pastor Herve


When you meet someone for the first time and you connect so much like you had known all your lives! This man carries a rare grace for training leaders in the body of Christ. 

His easy to understand but powerful messages have been a tremendous blessing for me, my wife and our ministry over the years as I find myself going back to those materials over and again! 

Lydia Amu


Though from a Christian home, I never really got to understand what it meant to be one till I met with Pastor. He helped me discover deep truths in the faith and set me on course for my life's assignment. 

Since then, I have pioneered ministries reaching out to young ladies in New York and Georgia. 

Pastor Chisanga


I have been a believer for most of my life and served several ministers in the process. It was meeting and working with Pastor Charles that set me on course for the work that I have been called into. 

His mentorship has enabled me pioneer a ministry in my home country that is reaching and blessing several thousands of famililes today. 

Pastor even held my hand through the process of publishing of my first book 3 years ago. 

Pastor Joshua


I knew I had a call into the ministry but had no idea where to start from. One day, a friend invited me for a ministers' conference holding in another city that is about 18 away from my city. I felt God leading me to go there and that was where I met Pastor Charles. 

The program was such a game changer for me that I returned every  time he held a program for 6 years straight. Today, my ministry is booming as I continue to apply what pastor has taught me.

Pastor Narcis


I was privileged to be in one of the camp meetings Pastor Charles organized few years ago. The experience was something I have not been able to recover from. I particularly remember seeing angels all over the place as he ministered that day! 

An indisputable unction has remained on my life and ministry since then.

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Meet Pastor Charles Emmanuel

Life & Ministry Coach

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home where I was exposed to the gospel of Christ quite early. But from my youth, I was always astonished by the great disparity between what the bible says about the believer and what most of us actually experience in our lives.

If you are struggling with connecting the dots between what you read in your bible and what you actually experience daily, your prayers have been answered because that is my specialty!

After almost two decade of being in the ministry with more than half of that serving as the Senior Pastor of Divine Life Ministries, I have helped

thousands of people discover and apply practical steps to turn scriptural and spiritual realities into their daily experience.

You know God has got a unique plan and purpose for your life. My mission is to challenge, equip and empower you make steady progress in the discovery, pursuit and fulfillment that divine mandate irrespective of what life brings your way.

Life & Ministry Coach

President & Founder: Divine Life Ministries Int'l

Founder: Charles Emmanuel School Of Ministry

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